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Trophy Safaris Africa Additional Hunting Area in KwaZulu Natal

Zululand Safari Hunting Area

About our Zululand Hunting Area:

Our Zululand hunting area would be considered the coastal thornveld and is much like the veld that is found in the Limpopo Province. Zululand is the heart of the Zulu Kingdom which extends along the coast of the Indian Ocean north of the Tugela River. Zululand is the traditional homeland of the Zulu people and is a 3 hour drive from Durban. This area is a malaria area and malaria preventative medication should be taken.

Available South African Trophy Hunting Species in the Zululand Area:

Zululand is where we hunt the Red Duiker and the Livingstone Suni.

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KwaZulu Natal, Zululand Hunting Area Photos:

Zululand hunting area.Zululand hunting area photos.Hunting area.Trophy Safaris Africa Zululand hunting area.Zululand hunting area.

Trophy Safaris Africa hunting area photos.Zululand hunting area.

KwaZulu Natal, Zululand Safari Hunting Accommodations:

Zululand hunting accommodationsZululand hunting lodgelodge poolguest bedroomhunting lodge accommodationslodge accommodations

hunting lodge bomadining roomlodge accommodations

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Completely unfenced free range hunting in the Kwazulu-Natal Province of South Africa.

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